PALETA - Outdoor centre for environmental education

Our activities and offers:

·     Environmental and ecological educational programmes for schools

·     Eco-counselling and educational activities for public

·     We offer place for other organisations to carry out seminars and training-courses

·     We offer accommodation, recreation stays, agritourism


Our building and grounds:

·     environmental friendly technologies (solar panels, solar power station, heat pump, heat recovery,  building insulation, wastewater treatment in constructed wetland…)

·     2 classrooms (capacity of 30 persons) + outdoor classroom

·     kitchen and dining-hall (capacity of 50 persons)

·     accommodation for 40 persons

·     expositions of historical household equipment and agriculture instruments

·     small pond, garden with herbs, Fair Trade shop, children playground...

·       animals – donkey, rabbits, dwarf goat, dwarf pigs, ouessant sheeps, cats


Ekocentrum PALETA

Oucmanice 36

56201 Ústí nad Orlicí

Phone: +420739578022

Ekocentrum PALETA, Štolbova 2874, 530 02 Pardubice. Tel., fax: 466 614 352, e-mail: